How long does it take to get a Community Remarks site for my community?

You can go live within a couple of hours. We need the location of your project. We set the map center point in the admin panel, then provide instructions on how to modify it through the admin panel.

Can I customize the placemarks?

Yes, build your placemark library as you create map topics and upload KML layers. You can add placemarks to the toggle legend as well.

How do I solicit feedback for particular areas of interest?

This is done through categories. You need to setup a category for each map you would like to create. Categories are created through the admin panel. We provide access to it via a username and password upon setup.

How long can I use it for?

As long as you like. The intention of the application is to gather comments during phases of the planning process. For some uses such as TIP, you will open and close commenting but keep Community Remarks live as your interactive TIP. You can open and close comments as you desire. For later phases of a project, you might choose to plot projects on the map and solicit comments and votes on projects. You also have the option to only accept general comments.

Will you partner with our MPO?

Yes. We partner regionally to offer MPOs a discounted price for the purchase of bulk licenses. For more information, <a href=””>contact Crystal.</a>

Can I use it multiple times for the same community for different things?

Yes. Some planners will use it initially to gather thoughts and opinions about places. In the second phase, they archive those comments, add their map data (comments and GIS layers) then open it up for a second round of public comments. You will inevitably need our assistance transitioning from phase one to two, so just let us know and we will help you insert GIS layers onto the map and make any other desired changes.

Can I use Community Remarks for multiple municipalities/communities?

Yes. Our pricing structure is based on licensing Community Remarks to an individual community or municipality. If you are supporting a larger area such as a region, you can set it up to jump to districts and assign comments to that district.

Who uses this tool?

Community Remarks is best utilized during the urban planning process. MPOs, TPOs, planning firms, engineering firms, downtown alliances, and not-for-profits leverage Community Remarks as a key component to their community engagement strategy.

Is there a reporting tool dashboard with the Community Remarks site?

We have several reporting mechanisms in place. Each serves a different purpose. Google Analytics tracks traffic sources, general web traffic, and hits. The dashboard reflects a breakdown of comments by category and a comment timeline shows you when and how many comments were made.

Who Owns the Comments?

You own the comments. We do not claim ownership of anything submitted through the application. We will provide you with exports of the database upon request.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the number of features you need. Please refer to the pricing page.

Can I use one license over and over?

Yes. You are encouraged to purchase a license for each community area but are not required.

Can you just setup a permanent demo for our firm to use for our RFPs?

Yes. You could purchase a license to use exclusively for your project RFPs or you can contact us to load a demo exclusively for your project.