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Have you considered adding a comment map to your community outreach toolbox? Community Remarks is the most robust map-based civic engagement tool on the market. Many companies claim to have the best community engagement map, but this is the only multi-faceted engagement map for land-use, TIP, transportation, and urban planning projects. You will reach and interact with more citizens by leveraging the capabilities of Community Remarks.


Project Layers
GIS layers and project boundaries can be overlaid to seek direct feedback about a project area or parcel
Google Maps

A merger between GIS and community mapping using Google maps

Mobile Friendly

Mobile version detects user’s location and provides user-friendly interface

Community Engagement

Capture place-based comments and photos in real-time to collaboratively solve issues in your community

Facilitate Dialog

Citizen can draw or put pins on a map to tell you about issues in a specific location

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Map-based Comments Deliver Results

Let Community Remarks be a part of your engagement plan


COMMUNITY REMARKS makes it easy for citizens to plot a comment on a Google map. Unlike other applications, it does not require them to login which can be an obstacle to getting people to participate.

Better informed residents and decision-makers make better plans. You can show improvement projects and illustrate pertinent project details to get informed feedback. Crowdsource comments during your visioning process, then present plans for feedback. Use it continuously for all types of projects in your planning area without increased fees.

This is a demo of Community Remarks embedded into a website using St. Augustine, FL as an example. Feel free to test out the map by dropping a pin and filling out the comment form.