Community Remarks has a multiple surveys feature.

Let’s consider the following scenario:
You are working on a transportation system plan. You want to show projects on the map for commenting. Simultaneously, you are reviewing your existing bike/pedestrian routes. You would like to display those for public commenting. You need to utilize the multiple surveys feature.

If you show both projects and bike/ped routes all on the same map, the map will be very cluttered and confusing. You need to create two separate surveys so that when you push it out on social media, you are linking to a specific page with a distinctive purpose. Bike route issues shows existing infrastructure where the public can provide input. On another page, your TSP map directs and focuses feedback on proposed projects.

Walla Walla Multiple Surveys Feature

Projects are imported from a spreadsheet

Your home page map can show only proposed transportation system plan components and related comments. You can even turn off showing comments on this page to keep the map clean.

Show projects on the map

To show projects, you need the Basic Plus license. Projects are imported from a spreadsheet into the admin. The technical support provided assists you with this task. See the projects page for examples.

Each page with a map is identified as a project. For each project page, comment topics are assigned. In the admin, you associate project pages with their corresponding comment topics.

Setup Comment Topics (Map) and Project Topics

multiple surveys feature

Each page can have it’s own map layers in the form of KML/KMZ overlays as well as custom map tiles. The multiple surveys feature groups assigned comment topics to a page in order to consolidate a complete survey on one page.

comment analytics

Comments are tracked by each topic. They can be exported all together or by each topic.