COMMUNITY REMARKS is the merger between GIS and community mapping

It allows citizens to conveniently post their ideas, comments, and images to a website and relate them to a specific geographic location or general topics. Unlike other engagement application, citizens do not need to create an account or login to participate. As a result, citizens “hit it and go” on with their lives. Many planners use COMMUNITY REMARKS as the central database for all feedback collected throughout their plan.

Accomplish the following objectives with COMMUNITY REMARKS:

  • Collect citizen comments relating to bike, pedestrian, trails, safety, or any topic you desire.
  • Translate into multiple languages using Google Translate
  • Customize the input fields to capture demographics
  • Plot projects on the map to collect votes and project-specific comments
  • Export comments into a CSV and a KML file
  • Upload KMZ files exported from GIS to illustrate district boundaries, key locations, educational information, past plans, etc.
  • Integrate with your project website
  • Present a responsive design for tablets, phones, land computers.

The admin enables you to customize each COMMUNITY REMARKS for your plan to:

  • Setup the center point
  • Choose a customized map style
  • Integrate with Facebook where citizens can add a comment through Facebook
  • Customize instructions for mobile and non-mobile users
  • Turn on a temporary page
  • Upload branding
  • Change the link colors
  • Plot projects on the map, add an image and link for more information
  • Create a jump menu to zoom to a particular location on the map
  • Monitor and edit comments
  • Upload KML/KMZ files

Results Tracking and Summaries

Tabulate results from online outreach during each phase of the project. Comments are exported from Community Remarks in a spreadsheet and can be imported into GIS. Create summaries from all comments collected online, broken down by topic, and generate reports of analytics from online traffic. Comments can be summarized in pie charts and narrative.