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Have you considered adding a comment map to your community outreach toolbox? Community Remarks is a map-based civic engagement tool for collaborative problem solving that expands your reach.

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Map-based Comments Deliver Results

Let Community Remarks be a part of your engagement plan


COMMUNITY REMARKS makes it easy for citizens to plot a comment on a Google map. Unlike other applications, it does not require them to login which can be an obstacle to getting people to participate.

Better informed residents and decision-makers make better plans. You can show improvement projects and illustrate pertinent project details to get informed feedback. Crowdsource comments during your visioning process, then present plans for feedback. Use it continuously for all types of projects in your planning area without increased fees.

Community Engagement

Capture place-based comments and photos in real-time to collaboratively solve issues in your community

Facilitate Dialog

Cost effectively create an asset map, preference survey, and feedback platform to talk about the quality of a place

Mobile Friendly

Mobile version detects user’s location and provides user-friendly interface

Project Layers

GIS layers and project boundaries can be overlaid to seek direct feedback about a project area or parcel

Google Maps

A merger between GIS and community mapping using Google maps

This is a demo of Community Remarks embedded into a website using St. Augustine, FL as an example. Feel free to test out the map by dropping a pin and filling out the comment form.


  • Using Community Remarks alongside social media allowed our TPO to collect public comments in an effortless manner. Having the ability to communicate with the public and share their concerns makes this a great tool for both public involvement and transportation planning.

    Polk County TPO
  • As a Urban Planning firm where public involvement is essential, we realized there was an unmet need for creative engagement. We have used this application for numerous projects which has allowed us to reach a more diverse and broader audience than traditional tools alone can achieve. Our clients appreciate an alternative, proactive, and innovative means to collect resident feedback.

    Ben Carlisle, AICP, LEED AP
    Carlisle/Wortman Associates
  • Crystal is a key partner in our public engagement efforts. She is incredibly responsive and is always working to improve Community Remarks. We have worked with her on two transportation projects and have a few more in the pipeline. Over the course of these projects she has incorporated numerous new features to address specific project needs as they arise. Her planning background is invaluable as she understands what we are trying to accomplish and often takes our ideas the next step. She is a pleasure to work with.

    We have found Community Remarks an easy to use and cost effective tool for web based public engagement for every phase of our projects. You can have an engaging crowd sourcing tool up and running in literally hours. We find we get the kind of thoughtful specific feedback that is hard to obtain in traditional public workshop forums. The ability to vote and comment on the input of others is a great way to identify consensus issues vs. outlying opinions. And the input is self-documenting which saves time. We can’t imagine doing a project without Community Remarks as part of our team.

    Norman Cox, PLA, ASLA
    The Greenway Collaborative
  • The community comments tool has been a great way for AATA to gather community feedback quickly and systematically. The ability to PLOT comments has been extremely valuable. It is also nice for those making the comments, because they can see what others have said about the areas they care the most about.

    Michael Benham
    Special Assistant for Strategic Planning
  • Place Vision is at the forefront of integrating technology into planning and promoting citizen engagement through the Community Remarks tool. The tool was ready immediately and customizable to meet our needs. We had a wonderful experience working with Crystal; she is extremely dedicated to her product and making sure that it is successful. I would highly recommend Crystal and the Community Remarks tool to any planner trying to engage with their community.

    Stephanie Smith
    Former Community Engagement Coordinator A*VISTA
  • If you’re looking for an effective way to engage residents and learn more about your community from the people who live there and know it best, I highly suggest using PlaceVision’s Community Remarks tool. Teska has integrated CR in over a dozen project websites to give residents a way to share their ideas and map comments online. It’s highly customizable, easy to use, and a great way to get the community involved. Community Remarks has been extremely effective in letting us know what to focus on for a variety of projects.

    Erin Cigliano, AICP
    Teska Associates