Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.1960802339352, -82.6795134703759
Project ID: 3160

New Urban Construction, 0 to 2 Lanes

From: Mitchell Blvd
To: Mitchell Ranch Rd
Length: 0.34


Lanes Existing: 0

Lanes 2045: 2U
John L.
2 inquiries - 1. Discussions at the Trinity West HOA meeting took place where an alternative entranceway to the Trinity West Subdivision should be considered, an entryway that includes islands (with a U-turn option before gate), new gate system and Monument signage as well as merger lanes on and off Welbilt, and possible Left Turning Lane into Subdivision. Left turning lane would be heading north on Welbilt. 2. A copy of the Webilt Traffic Study is requested by homeowners. Thank you.
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