Planning a 42-mile long trail to connect Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids needs input from everyone, including you! This is your chance to help decide where this trail goes. We are looking for your input on:

1. Opportunities you see for potential trail routes;
2. Challenges facing potential trail routes; and
3. Where you would go if you were using this trail.
4. Any specific information, notes, or photos you may wish to add regarding the proposed routes

You may scroll down and double-click anywhere on the map where you would like to leave a comment and then using the drop-down menu choose which type of comment you would like to leave. You may also click on one of the icons (to the right), then click on a point on the map where you would like to add a comment. Please repeat these steps for each type of comment. You may add as many comments as you would like. An explanation of the types of comments that can be provided is given when you click on the icon. When you click to add a new icon / comment, a new screen will open.


1. The proposed routes shown on this map are not set in stone. The final route will likely have several deviations from any of the proposed options as they exist now. Think of these as concepts, and your task is to help share your knowledge about specific conditions around these concepts.

2. Since this tool uses Google Maps, feel free to change the base map to satellite view or street view as you please.

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