Thinking Like a Landscape:

Our landscapes are more than trees and streams. They provide a sense of place for people – reflecting our histories and defining our futures. This fall, through a series of community conversations along with this online forum we are reaching out to partners, stakeholders and community members to realize a shared vision to address complex conservation challenges across the Foothills Landscape.

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to create, restore and maintain ecosystems that are more resilient to natural disturbances. Specifically, the Forest Service is seeking to enhance and provide quality habitat for rare and declining species, as well as desired game and non-game species; to reduce hazardous fuel loading across the landscape to diminish damaging wildfires; to improve soil and water quality; to provide sustainable recreation and access opportunities; and to awaken and strengthen a connection to these lands for all people.

We Need YOU:

We need your knowledge and insights right from the start in order to plan the right work in the right places for the right reasons. Share what you know about the Foothills Landscape with others through this collaboration. Comment on what you care about and tell your community why, and use the map to show us all where. Describe what you want and need from this landscape...and also what you can and do give. Learn from the knowledge that others share here. And consider the many diverse perspectives revealed to all of us through this collaboration.

Learn More:

The 143,419 acres that make up the Foothills Landscape stretch across the Chattahoochee National Forest and mark the area where the mountains are visibly reduced to foothills. It includes portions of Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Habersham, Lumpkin, Murray, Rabun and White Counties. There's much, much more to learn at http://tinyurl.com/FoothillsLandscapeCollaborate.

Join the Conversation:

Add your thoughts, ideas and knowledge to the map or see what your neighbors have said by clicking the comments log to the right or the map below. For easier viewing and navigation on the map, click on "Fullscreen."

The map below includes basic information about the Foothills Landscape on the Chattahoochee National Forest, including recreation areas, roads, trails and management prescriptions. You can learn more about each by clicking directly on the icon or path, and you can also turn these map details on and off as needed by checking the boxes in the map legend. The area within the purple boundary is the Foothills Landscape. The darkest green areas within that are National Forest lands. If you’d like more in-depth information and detailed maps to inform your comments, please visit http://tinyurl.com/FoothillsLandscapeCollaborate. At that website you can also find out how to attend a collaborative workshop near you and subscribe to email updates.

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I read the Draft and it can be confusing. It talks more about reducing forest canopy and seems to want to reduce the number of old growth trees. Look at the tables and you'll see the "desired" number of old growth trees is a negative number. It...

2 months ago
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