Bonney Lake is developing a plan that integrates watershed protection and land use planning to best serve its residents and preserve the area's natural features while accommodating growth, redevelopment, and thriving urban centers. The land use plan is focused on the City's four urban centers including Downtown, Midtown, Eastown, and Lake Tapps. Learn more about the project here.


Your comments are an important part of developing this integrated approach to watershed protection and land use planning. Share your thoughts about improvement opportunities by using the interactive map below. The map currently shows boundaries of the City of Bonney Lake and the four urban centers.

Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • Commercial: Where and what kinds of businesses do you want to see in Bonney Lake?
  • Residential: Where and what types of new housing does Bonney Lake need?
  • Parks & Trails: What new park or trail feature would you like to see?
  • Traffic & Transportation: Where is there traffic congestion?
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian: What areas need more bicycle lanes or sidewalks?
  • Stormwater: Where are areas that flood during rain events?
  • Lake and Stream: Are there places along streams and lakes that can be improved?
  • Favorite Places: What is your favorite place to hang out?
  • Other Comments: Other ideas?


    1) Zoom to the place where you want to add your icon and left click once on that location.
    2) A blue pin will appear on the map - click on the comment icon and complete the requested fields - choose the appropriate category for your comment. Hit submit.
    3) Your comment and icon has been added to the map - thanks!
    4) To go back to the main page, please click on the Map Home link in the top left of the page menu.

    If you would like to make a general comment that is not mapped, please click here.

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    Recent comment by EFL

    Great job preventing left turns onto 410 from Wendy's Prime Fitness etc That was a dangerous place

    1 year 7 months ago
    Traffic & Transportation Opportunity